Gael Clichy is reported to be likely to remain at the club despite the flurry of planned changes to the first team. Pep Guardiola has not yet made any official comments on who would remain at the club going into next season.

He recently signed Ilkay Gundogan from Borussia Dortmund and there are other deals going on in the background. Guardiola would need to do a lot of work in the defence which is believed to be their weakest link last season.


Manchester City player, Gael Clichy hails team mate, Kevin De Bruyne for his impressive performances since returning from injury.

The Belgian forward has contributed immensely to the resurgence of the Sky Blues since returning from injury concerns. Gael Clichy says he disagrees with his Head Coach’s comment that multiple injuries to City stars have left the team in shambles this season.

Gael Clichy Celebrates The City’s Win

When a team wins the best men celebrate. That’s what happened when Man City won over Aston Villa.

The French left back was counted among the stars. Gael on the other hand stated that he believed that the squad was ready to win the Premier League crown. If that happens, it would certainly be a win in a time span of five years.

Pictures of Gael and Nicolas Otamendi are all over the portals. Gael is definitely one of the star players of Manchester City, a team that has a good season so far. The team has definitely finished the seasons of Premier League successfully this year.

Clichy wants Manchester City to be more clinical

Manchester City along with Leicester City, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are the current clubs in the Premier League that are positioned in the top 4 spots of the English League.

Manuel Pellegrini and his men could’ve been in pole position if they hadn’t dropped points against: Everton, West Ham United and Leicester City, these are all of the clubs that Manchester City has not been able to finish things off and win and have had to settle with a draw in each game.

Manuel Pellegrini’s future at Manchester City has been thrown

Manuel Pellegrini’s future at Manchester City has been thrown into major speculation after several rumours that another club had agreed a deal with former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola, who will be leaving Bayern Munich at the end of the season.

Guardiola is one of the sought-after managers in world football after having achieved numerous trophies in the last eight years.

The Sky Blues’ fans are absolutely furious

The Sky Blues’ fans are absolutely furious with the fact that Yaya Toure gave his jersey to one of the Juventus players when the game was still on at the Juventus Stadium last week.

Manchester City ended up getting beaten there to be displaced from the top position in Group A, but, more than that defeat, the burning topic at the end of the day was Toure handing his jersey to somebody from the opposition camp.

And, it’s not only the fans, some of the television pundits also did not like Toure’s act.