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The Sky Blues’ fans are absolutely furious

The Sky Blues’ fans are absolutely furious with the fact that Yaya Toure gave his jersey to one of the Juventus players when the game was still on at the Juventus Stadium last week.

Manchester City ended up getting beaten there to be displaced from the top position in Group A, but, more than that defeat, the burning topic at the end of the day was Toure handing his jersey to somebody from the opposition camp.

And, it’s not only the fans, some of the television pundits also did not like Toure’s act.

Harry Redknapp, the former Queens Park Rangers boss, was quoted as saying on a television channel, “It’s something I would not like to appreciate. You can do it when the match is over, that’s understandable. But, to do it in the middle is very inappropriate in my view.”

Toure is a pretty modest man and he was requested by that particular young player, who must have been his fan growing up, for the jersey. All he did was he obliged that, but, was it really as big a crime as it has been made to look?

After what the Ivorian has done for City over the years, does he deserve to be blasted in such a manner for that?
Swapping the jerseys is nothing new in the game of Football. Yes, as Redknapp said, it is more appropriate doing that when the match comes to an end.

You don’t expect it to be done during the half time break, but, it’s certainly not something for which a player should be handed as much flak as been done especially if he is of the stature of Toure.

He commands a bit of respect, Toure. He is a City legend after all.