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Kolarov remains the best man t flank Manchester City’s left back position and ever since the veteran left for Roma finding a likewise reliable wing back to manage such an important position has been harder than Manchester City thought.
AdamaTraore was the one who bullied Mendy off the ball deep inside Manchester City’s penalty box, deep inside injury time but no one felt sorry for Mendy just like Owen and Redknapp given the degree of silliness the French man had to display to make such a mistake in a tough physical league like England’s.

Manchester City fans have had their own bout of annoying Mendy displays since he joined from Monaco. The French man has been described to be the kind of player that can mesmerize fans this minute then make one horrible mistake the next.
Owen and co just aired what everyone else have been thinking for some time now.

Mendy has so far showed he is a good player but not the man you would trust enough to hold the line when bullies like AdamaTraore come knocking at your gates.
The youths from the academy could get some of the action if Pep Guardiola willed it but one of the pecks of being spoiled with Arab money remains using money to solve even the tiniest of challenges whenever they surface.