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Gael Clichy Celebrates The City’s Win

When a team wins the best men celebrate. That’s what happened when Man City won over Aston Villa.

The French left back was counted among the stars. Gael on the other hand stated that he believed that the squad was ready to win the Premier League crown. If that happens, it would certainly be a win in a time span of five years.

Pictures of Gael and Nicolas Otamendi are all over the portals. Gael is definitely one of the star players of Manchester City, a team that has a good season so far. The team has definitely finished the seasons of Premier League successfully this year.

That strengthens the belief of the players that they can certainly aim for the crown this year. As per the last game, Aston Villa was beaten by City for a score of 4-0. The game took place on Saturday. It was side by side with Arsenal and Tottenham who played to a draw of 2-2. It is hopeful that the City will be able to win over Arsenal. If they are able to go up on Arsenal they will be able to come close to Spurs.

In Clichy’s words, being at the top would definitely be better, especially if one could have a 20 point difference between the second team. He is optimistic that anything could be achieved. The feeling in the team is that everyone is willing to fight for the title and if the performance is kept up, then it might be possible to win the crown. The team had a bad spell in the league and hence, it is important that consistent performance is kept up. Then only there would be a chance of winning in the league. Clichy and his team members are definitely optimistic now.